The Art of Beading

Beading is an art whereby a person clearly shows her/his interests of wearing accessories made up of various materials. In earlier time, people who venture in beading or beadwork activity use what is readily available in the nature. They use woods, stones and even shells to create a more decorative piece of work. Later, bead accessory makers innovate themselves and find more interesting materials to make a beautiful art made up of beads. Some of the business people manufacture artificial stones as precious gems to make expensive accessories. Beads vary depending on the usage and where it is worn like wood beads, semi-precious stones and precious stones. The beads being used sometimes determine the class of people and their characters. Beads created from woods are most likely used by people who wanted to accessories in their daily activities to add up spice or accentuate fashionable looks. Others use semi-precious stones which vary from plastics to artificial stones that can be a good substitute for precious stones. Precious stones are known as expensive materials, but its quality and beauty gives satisfaction to the person who would use it as accessories.


Beadings need a different level of art to create a masterpiece that would suit the character of a person who might want to buy it. It is really a good way to show artistry and taste of fashion to mix and match the items or even to make a beautiful piece to decorate a house, building or even museums where arts are displayed. Beads emphasize the beauty or enhance the character of the person who use accessories made up of beads. With this regard, in making the beads into bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, creativity, patience and love of bead accessories are necessary to create more attractive items. It is easy to create necklace or even bracelets, but earrings and rings needs extra careful and ample time to finish an item but the satisfaction that it can give surpasses the intention of the maker.


Some little background on beadwork

So what is beadwork? It is a form of art of making something out from beads. By attaching beads to one another with the use of a threading tool and a needle, one can make a simple jewelry, any personal adornment. Aside from that, sculptures and other wall hangings are some of the stuffs you can make with beadwork.

There are various techniques when it comes to beading, depending upon your application and what you want to make. You can do embroidery, crochet, knitting, and stringing. The history of beadwork dated millennia ago. Way back then, animal bones and shells are used as beads in making necklaces. Others use it as personal adornments and some serve as amulets. Years later on, this form of art has evolved and was passed down through generations and is still used nowadays . Whether for hobbies and profession, there’s always a variety on this form of art.

With the advancements in technology, several tools and resources are readily available for anyone who shares the same passion in beadwork. There are various form of beads, sizes,colors, depending upon where it should be used. The internet has also been a great tool in sharing resources in terms of beading patterns, tutorials and other softwares to make beading a whole lot easier.

For those who want to be more creative in their beading styles, it’s best of course to create your own pattern. And with that, we’re no longer into the conventional way of drawing manually and coloring stuffs. Various bead pattern creator softwares are now readily available for you. What it does? It simply helps you make your own patterns a whole lot easier and more faster with just a few clicks. Some also enabled the feature of automatically converting any portrait into a beading pattern which you could then use for your beadwork purposes. For more details regarding beading programs, have a short look at our references.


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